A Slice of Lotus Leaf, A Pot of Rice. 一片荷,一鍋飯。

The steamed glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf is a classic Cantonese dish for special occasions or large gatherings. Tasty and flavorful while combined with the refreshing earthy scent from lotus leaf on mixed glutinous rice and jasmine rice.

Indulge in our latest signature dishes “Seafood Glutinous Rice with Local Crabs”, “Fragrant Glutinous Rice with Ginger and Scallion Chicken” and “Vegan Mushroom Glutinous Rice”. 3 different styles of exquisite ingredients are spooned in with glutinous rice finished with our special house-made sauces! (Available for takeaway.)



Combo Set 套餐優惠

Order combo set to enjoy up to 15% discount on our different style of glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf - Vegan Mushroom Glutinous Rice with "Seafood Glutinous Rice with Local Crabs" or "Fragrant Glutinous Rice with Ginger and Scallion Chicken". (Serves 12 Guests)
訂購一個『純素荷香雜菌糯米飯』配『荷香海蟹糯米飯』或『荷香三黃雞糯米飯』(任選其一),即時享有低至85折優惠! (供12位)

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Fragrant Glutinous Rice with Ginger and Boneless Scallion Chicken 荷香三黃雞糯米飯

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Whole local three yellow chicken with burnt scallion relish (Serves 6 Guests)
Debone the succulent local three yellow chicken after being perfectly poached by using the cooking method of Hainanese Chicken, the chicken meat is very smooth and tender. Ginger scallion sauce made of burnt three different types of scallions to rich the flavor of glutinous rice.  

原隻本地三黃雞配煙燻蔥油 (供6位)

Takeaway Only. 只提供外賣。

A La Carte 單點美食

Enjoy our hearty spread of Cantonese dishes with glutinous rice from the comforts of your own home! 與親朋好友安坐家中一併享受我們的荷葉糯米飯及粵式菜色!