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Abalone Sea Snail Chicken Claypot 鮑魚花螺雞煲

Seasonality, live-freshness and exceptional techniques are the pillars of traditional Cantonese cuisine.
In May, large flower sea snail is optimal in size and flavour. Chef Steve Ma developed two different chicken pots with flower sea snail, braised abalone in clay pot to be delivered to your home this month. Loaded with aromatic dried chillis and pepper, the supreme broth takes on a Sichuan inspiration to awaken your hunger. The other option is a clean, umami-focused broth that can be used for hotpot afterwards. Both pots are for 6 serves so they can save mother some work on the special day this weekend !

於五月,花螺是最為鮮甜肥美,我們選用來自鴨脷洲新鮮花螺。大廚Steve Ma誠意加推兩款限量鮑魚花螺雞煲外賣,以秘製的麻辣湯底及鮑魚汁湯底作招徠,採用本地三黃雞、本地新鮮花螺及澳洲八頭鮑魚,供六人份量,讓您在家中聚會與親朋戚友品嚐鮮活味美的鮑魚花螺雞煲,最後更可加配其他食材變成火鍋!