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Glutinous Rice Dumpling 端午節粽子

Chinese culture embrace glutinous rice dumplings on 14th June, the Dragon Boat Festival. To celebrate this coming 14th, One-Eight-One presents two limited, delightful and unique house-made glutinous rice dumplings crafted by our talented culinary team - chef Steve Ma and Samuel Ng. Premium Slow-cooked Pork Belly Glutinous Rice Dumplings are packed with rich savory flavours and heart-warming aromas with its salted egg yolks; while Vegan XO Sauce Glutinous Rice Dumplings are an exciting rendition of vegetarian delicacy. The Dumpling Gift Set is paired with fine artisanal tea from TEA FORTÉ, presented in a One-Eight-One custom wooden box set. 

六月十四日,端午時節將近,過節氣息濃厚,除了民間習俗活動划龍舟以外,粽子絕對是不可或缺的傳統美食。One-Eight-One 首度推出葷素兼備的自家製手工特色粽,以味道香氣為主要出發點,特別研發創意獨特口味,『瑤柱滷味厚切五花腩肉粽』及『全素自家製XO醬粽』雙饗饌禮,所有食材味道融合得宜,使用粽葉包裹蒸熟後,特有的粽香在節慶中瀰漫,入口即可感受濃濃的節日風味。每個均以One-Eight-One 精緻木禮盒包裝,更附送TEA FORTÉ茶包,一口粽一口茶更能豐富口感,好粽配好茶才能相得益彰,更得長輩青睞,是送禮表情意與祝福的好時機!