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Abalone Chicken Claypot Consumption Guidelines 鮑魚雞煲翻熱指引

  • Do not open the wrapping until before reheating. 

  • Reheat the pot on stove until boiling for 2 minutes.
  • Once reheated thoroughly, the dish should be eaten immediately. 
  • For safety reasons, please do not keep leftovers. 
  • 請於準備預熱前方可拆開包裝。
  • 請把鮑魚雞煲用明火加熱至煮沸,並煮沸兩分鐘方可享用。
  • 翻熱鮑魚雞煲後,請立即食用。
  • 為確保食物安全, 翻熱後的鮑魚雞煲應一次過吃完。