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Abalone and Chicken Claypot in Abalone Sauce 秘製鮑魚花螺雞煲

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Whole Local Three Yellow Chicken, 8-head Australian Abalone, Seasonal Live Sea Snails (1 Catty), Shiitake Mushroom, Shanghainese Cabbage, Oil Noodles and Complementary Vegetable Basket (Serves 6 Guests) 

8 hour broth made from abalone and chicken as base, the ingredients above add much more depth of flavour to the dish. 

原隻本地三黃雞、澳洲八頭鮑魚、本地新鮮花螺(一斤)、娃娃菜、日本花菇、油麵及特選蔬菜籃 (供6位)


Takeaway Only. 只提供外賣。

Abalone Chicken Claypot Consumption Guidelines 鮑魚雞煲翻熱指引