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Premium Mid-Autumn Hamper 嚐月。美酒禮盒套裝

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Share this festive delight bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne 2006 Vintage with your family and friends during the celebration at Mid-Autumn Festival.

About Dom Pérignon Champagne 2006 Vintage
Alcohol ABV: 

“Very graceful and refined featuring flavours of citrus, it is charming with a moderately concentrated core of almond. Finishes dry and fresh with bracing acidity and a slight creaminess. Superb length with a long aftertaste.”

*Mooncakes contain peanut oils.

Mooncakes pickup and delivery available from 9 to 21 September 2021.

於中秋節賞月時,與至親品嚐月餅外,配上節慶必備的香檳王Dom Perignon Champagne 2006 Vintage經典香檳,共享歡慶團圓時光。

關於Dom Perignon Champagne 2006
國家 France 法國
甜度: 乾型
酒精度: 12.5%



2021 年 9月 9 日至 9 月 21 日提供自取和送貨服務。